It’s so realistic that it makes me cry whenever I look at it.

– Shannon Hapler

Hands down, this is absolutely the

best gift I have ever received.

– Rob Johnson

Incredible detail!  You can feel the

love that was put into its creation.

– Julie Becker


Wow!  Amazing!  What a talent! 

You can’t give a more perfect gift.

– Mary Sherman

I have ten children scattered around

the country and I can never get them

all together in one place.  Drawing

the family portrait was the perfect solution.  And it’s a much more emotion-al keepsake than a photograph.

It brought tears to my eyes.

– Cathy Roberts

Unbelievable!  If there’s ever a fire here, it’ll be the first thing that I grab as I run out the door.

– Barb Hoskins

It was the best Christmas gift ever!  Ken really captured my son’s personality. Just awesome!

– Parker Hoisington